Coffee table book


an illustrated atlas of female genital variation

We’re thinking of publishing a hard cover coffee table book of Gynodiversity (size A4, about 100 – 120 full colour pages). To assess if this is feasible, please let us know if you would order it. And if so, how much would you pay for it at most?

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  1. Koi Smith says:

    A book sounds awesome! I’d really like a digital copy and would happily pay $35.


    1. Thank you for your input. The book will be available in print only at first. We may release a digital edition later on as well. We’ll keep you informed.

  2. Dov Rob says:

    First caught your panels in Flickr and loved the whole concept and approach. A ‘coffee table’, book sounds exciting, around the £20-30 mark sounds good

    1. Thank you for your comment. The price will probably be around $50 or about £40.

  3. Tevin says:

    Yes this is a great idea and I think you should have a sub brance for penis as well I’ve been looking into studies like this and this is by far the best pictorial display ever with great research backing I would be comfortable paying 30-50usd for it would be great if you did it in editions it could become a great reference peace for many people or researchers

    1. vicky says:

      Thank you for your input. The editions idea is certainly an interesting one. We’ll be sure to keep it in mind.

  4. Scott Muglia says:

    Please count me in when the book is available in print

  5. Siew Wong says:

    Will purchase if published. It will be an eye opener for a lot of people who are otherwise “too shy” to look at genitals

  6. Michael L Holter says:

    Book is a great idea. I enjoyed your panels on Flickr. I prefer the combo/standing view since the flat views don’t show the depth (shape) of the vulva. Shaved area is also better for seeing the beauty of the vulvas, but pubic hair is also sensual (and important for stimulating nerves in that area). 🙂

  7. Judith says:

    I would like to buy that book. Great project! Who is organizing this and where are you located? Greetings from Germany and good luck!

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