Our concept

To achieve our goal, it's paramount to showcase the vulva in a non-erotic, respectful, and aesthetically pleasing manner. Here's the magic behind it: we invite you to snap shots of your vulva in three standard poses and share them with us anonymously.

Strike a pose! First up, a stand-out standing photo – capture yourself front and center, feet shoulder-width apart. Next, recline for a fabulous recumbent shot, taken from the bottom while you lie down. Lastly, a variation of the recumbent pose, with your vulva drawn open to reveal the vestibule and its inner wonders. For simplicity's sake, follow our detailed shooting guide.

Size matters! Help us out with a scale reference, like a measuring tape or ruler, within your photo frame. This ensures we showcase the genuine range in size, no guesswork involved.

Behind the scenes magic! We crop, we color correct, and tweak those shadows and highlights. But fear not, we keep it real – your natural skin tone is our guide. No heavy retouching here; authenticity is key.

Picture this! The result? Stunning photographs artfully arranged into panels, showcasing a visual parade of diversity in shape, texture, colour, and size. Separate panels for standing, reclining, and 'drawn open' pics, with 'combo' panels featuring a dynamic duo side by side. It's a layout that allows for easy comparison, and effortless exploration of the extraordinary variety of female genital appearance.

Why should you contribute?

The prevalence of carefully selected and edited photos of the vulva in adult magazines and websites has perpetuated an unrealistic ideal of what real-life vulvae truly look like. Consequently, many women remain unaware of the remarkable diversity in vulvar appearance, leading to an worsening of their existing insecurities.

Imagine, for instance, a young woman who hesitates to wear swimwear in public due to her protruding nymphae, fearing that others will notice their contours. What she may not realize is that she is far from alone, as approximately two-thirds of women share a similar anatomical feature with nymphae extending beyond the labia majora.

​This lack of awareness and misinformation has contributed to a concerning rise in the number of young women contemplating labiaplasty for purely cosmetic purposes, without any functional complaints. It is crucial to reverse this trend, as many individuals are oblivious to the potential risks associated with such surgeries. These risks include diminished sexual sensation, unsatisfactory cosmetic outcomes, as well as complications such as bleeding, wound dehiscence, or scarring.

​By contributing to our cause, you have the power to challenge the prevailing misconceptions and promote a more informed perspective on vulvar diversity. Your participation can help empower women with knowledge, dispel insecurities, and promote a healthier and more accepting attitude towards their own bodies.

Educational value

Given the aforementioned concerns, it is crucial for women to receive comprehensive education from their healthcare professionals, including their general practitioners (GPs). Central to this education is the exposure to a wide array of real-life vulvar images, empowering women to develop a more objective perception of their own bodies.

In this regard, Gynodiversity plays a pivotal role by providing a valuable resource for doctors, healthcare providers, and women themselves to explore and appreciate the remarkable diversity like never before. By encountering this wealth of visual representation, individuals are often reassured of the normalcy of their own vulva, leading to increased self-confidence.

By incorporating Gynodiversity into the educational process, healthcare professionals can leverage the power of visual evidence to dispel misconceptions, promote body positivity, and provide a more informed and self-assured approach to female genital anatomy.

Who are we looking for?

Women from every corner of the world and from every heritage!

Insecurities about vulvar appearance span the globe, and it's crucial that women from every ethnic background and corner of the world join the Gynodiversity movement. Currently, our contributions lean towards those from Caucasian women. So, if your heritage is different, we extend a special invitation to proudly share your vulva with us.

Kinship matters!

We're on a quest to broaden our Gynodiversity family tree. If you share a familial bond, we want you! Whether you're a mother-daughter duo, sisters with a unique bond, identical twins, triplets, or even a whole bunch of cousins, we want to showcase the beautiful diversity within familial connections. Let your related vulvae unite in this empowering celebration!